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Susanne & the big bang group


1991: "Livet på landet" (BB 1122) First recording, vinyl.

1993: "Big Bang Group" (BBG 001) Our first CD, recorded in Studo 38 in Halland, Sweden. Produced by Ove Johansson/Susanna Lindeborg from the fusion group Mwendo Dawa.

1997: "Ralph" (DPRCD-003-03) Ralph´s solo album. His own songs performed in Swedish language. The song "Skåne" was a local radio hit.

1998: Skånska Rök´N´Roll Hits nr 1 o 2. (HRCD197 och HRCD297). Compilation albums, sold 40 000 copies each!

1999: "What´s going on in my house?" (BBG 99/1) 12 own songs. This album opened the doors to EU for the trio.

2006: "LIVE" (BBG 1-06) Our first live album recorded at Chrismas day in 2005, released August 2006.

2013: Our latest record "6" includes 15 songs introducing our new Susanne Edlund! Our best album so far!

How to get it: buy it on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and other digital shops.

Bonus listening 1: live with Lars Jansson and Ulf Wakenius.

Bonus listening 2: live with Jukka Tolonen and Pierre Swärd.









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