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Susanne & the big bang group  


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Blues Revue (USA) "Ralph & the big bang group of Malmö, Sweden, play blistering blues on What's going on in my house (BBG 99/1). Ralph Svensson has a whipcrack snare, a rolling double shuffle a gruff, exciting voice. The trio's energy level sometimes invites Cream comparisons, but even the intense garage blues "Don't Talk" is as effectively shaded as the set's several slow numbers. Favorite rumba "All the Time"

United Jazz Society (Tyskland) "Die Songs zeigen eine ungewöhnliche Bandbreite an Stilistiken, ruhend auf dem Blues-Fundament.
Dies ist ein sehr innovativ spielendes Blues-Trio, ein absolutes muß für Freunde von Spielfreude, Kreativität und technischem Können!"

Bluesboarder (Frankrike)"Ils veulent tourner chez nous, je vous les recommande sans réserve: ces Suédois ont le feu sacré!"

Blues Alive (Japan) "This group which hails out of Sweden, is in a rare form and creating a blues storm. The 12 tracks on this release are all sharpened, polished and tightly bluespacked. These guys ain´t just putting on the Ritz, in a couple of years they just might own it. This is highly recommended and their future looks brightly blue!"







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