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Susanne & the big bang group


The never ending story. Started 1987-scroll down during 28 years...

(pics: Aarenstrup/Lang/Persson/Svensson/Westerberg/Paulsson/Allgulander/Möttus/Musikhuzet/Mitchell and probably many others!)


Charming! The first press photo. From left: Lasse Persson, Ronny Lindskog and Ralph Svensson.



On stage with piano player Lars Jansson.

With Lars Jansson


Concert with Ulf Wakenius. 

With Ulf Wakenius


Key board legend "Tollarparn" and Ronny

With Tollarparn


During a couple of years in the early nineties we had "our own" stage at FestivalDax in the town Hässleholm, southern Sweden where we invited a lot of guests to play with us. At one occation Mr Sky High himself - Clas Yngström guested us.

With Clas Yngström

Peps och Totta 1994

The two happy boys in front are Peps Persson (left) and Torsten "Totta" Näslund (right). The two are considered the two most respected artists on the Swedish blues scene. We are very proud and happy for have doing a lot of concerts with both of them. (June 2005 Totta sadly left us due to cancer. We´ll meet again up there Totta...)

With  Peps and Totta


During the years we have been doing a lot of gigs in Denmark, it almost become our second home. It´s a great country to tour in with short travelling distances, superb beer and generally a very nice audience. Here Ralph and Ronny are posing outside the club Ricks Café in Randers. Our poster (at the left) was made from a wooden carving by Lena Mansén, Finland and finished by the world famous artists Beck & Jung, Sweden.

Ralph and Ronny in Randers

Ralph behind the drum kit

Don´t remember when the photo is taken but probably in the late 1990:s. Ralph has just finished mounting the drum kit when someone took this picture. There´s a mike attached to the snare drum. Did we play that loud back in those days?



Happy boys in Helsinkki!

Happy boys in Finland


Max and Ralph on a windy beach.

Same boys in Denmark

1999 in Pfungstadt, Germany

Peter Edelmann and Maria Bauer promote a private institution in their home presenting live music, theatre and others. We were fortunate to play there at one occation. After the concert we were invited to a superb dinner. We will never forget the superb Bouillabaisse! From left: Max, Ralph and Peter.

Max, Ralph and Peter

Schmölzer Blues Tage

Early September 1999 we played at the beautiful located Schmölzer Blues Tage. We stayed in an old castle which was really exciting. To the right Ralph is having coffe in the morning at the old "bierstube".

Ralph in Bavaria

Eslöv blues festival 2002

We invited the legendary guitar player Jukka Tolonen and singer Bill Öhrström to perform with us at the festival. Super!

Jukka and Bill

The Netherlands 2003

Berno left the group and was replaced by the original member Lasse Persson. bought a digital camera and shot pictures all the time. Ralph droved the bus, Max was a sleep so Lasse must have taken this picture himself...

Lasse Persson
and he also captured a walking banana...

and a very tiny car with the loudest car amp we ever heard! Car

Greece 2003

Ralph and Max in Volos, Greece. It was very hot, I´ll tell you! We played at the European Breeze Festival together with several European bands. Very nice, indeed!


Polar Cirkel 2004

We took a flight to the end (almost) of Sweden to play at Flakasand Rock & Blues festival in June. The midnight sun was impressive! All night long it was day light. We played on the beach along the great Kalix river, people where sitting by camp fires enjoying the music.

Polar festival

More Flakasand Festival

Just have to show you this! Max is hangin´ in the bar. Yes, there where a lot of mosquitos...The people there also claimed that bears are common visitors in the forrest!

Forrest planet of Endor?

The Malmoe festival, Sweden 2004

Pierre Swärd some times joins the trio which is so great! He is one of the greatest Hammond B3 players around. The instrument is from way back when with a fantastic sound. Analog sound, by the way. Halleluja!

Pierre Swärd

Steve and Dennis

During the years we have been doing some gigs with our good friends Steve Grahn (guit/vocals) and Dennis Westerberg (harp/vocals). We really have great fun together. It´s not so much rehersal, more like wide open ears and an open mind. The picture was shot August 28-2004 by Dennis father Lars Westerberg. From left: Lasse, Max, Ralph, Steve and Dennis.

The gang

Bluesfestival in Eslöv, Sweden 2004

Max had a lot to do during the festival playing with the trio and guest artist Pelle Lindström but also as a member in the back up band supposed to play with Artur Duncan. Unfortenuatly Duncan cancelled the show due to illness, but the band did a great show anyway. Great work, Max!

Max in Eslöv

Christmas blues in Eslöv

Every Christmas Day we promote our own show in the city of Eslöv. At this occation we got a gift from a "fan" - a bottle of very fine whisky. Not bad!


March 2005

During the spring we stayed indoors rehearsing new material. But we went outside to take some pictures with the strong sun light teasing our eyes.

The trio in the sun

April 2005

Springblues at Gya is a happening in my own little country village that we annually do together with our dear friends Steve Grahn(left) and Dennis Westerberg (right). 2005 also Mattias Bogefors(not in the picture) guested us with his harmonica.

Spring blues

One more time: the Malmoe festival 2005

We had a great evening together with the crowd in Malmoe August 21. This place is one of the best!

Malmoe festival 2005

Blue Heart Blues Club 2005

During a December weekend we did a couple of nice gigs, one of them at Blue Heart Blues Association in Halmstad at the Swedish west coast.

Blueheart Blues

Blues Festival in Eslöv 2005

The band in action on stage at Blues Festival in Eslöv 2005. We had the pleasure to play with the great trombone/piano player Ulf Johansson Werre. Always a great pleasure to be on stage with Ulf!

With Ulf Johansson Werre

Christmas Day 2005

At last we made our first live recording! Everything went fine, the audience were just great and we had a really nice evening. We did the recording process as simple as possible and, by our opinon, it sounds really good. In August 2006 the CD entitled "Live!" was released.

Low budget record studio

Musikhuzet, Rönne, Bornholm, Denmark 2006

Friday August 18 we visited the fantastic place called Muzikhuset in the small city of Rönne situated on Bornholm, a Danish island. Great support from both the staff and the audience! Actually this was our forth visit at Musikhuzet.

On stage at Musikhuzet


The day after the gig in Rönne we killed some time waiting for the ferry by driving round the small island. The pic: Max and Lasse at the market place in the village of Nexö.


Jaunsgyde, Denmark 2006

A friend, Henrik, is a bass player who lives in Denmark. He invited us to play at his birthday party in September. It was a great party with a lot of music and great feeling. We´ll be back when you celebrate 50, Henrik!

Local beer...


Just had to find out, Yes, I can s tand up and play the drums! The dark area on the skirt is...sweat!


Lasse 2006

Pictured at Bluesfestival in Eslöv.



at the same stage same occation.


Twenty years anniversery

October 26:th 2007 we celebrated our 20:th birthday on stage together with some really nice friends: Roland Gottlow-piano/voc, Filip Jers-harp and Steve Grahn-guit/voc. A super celebration! Let´s do it again...25:th birthday?

With guests

Christmas blues 2007

Well, don´t know what to say...but Max surprised us all apperaing like Santa!


A weekend in Denmark April 2008, part 1

The picture is taken Saturday 26:th of April in the Danish city Kalundborg. Spring time and some shopping (wine, beer, whisky, tobacco-all very expensive in Sweden) made the day terrific. In the evening we had a superb gig with some really nice fans in the audience...

Confident boys

A weekend in Denmark April 2008, part 2

We did some tourist activities in Kalundborg and visited the church which by the way was built around 1170 by Esben Snare, brother to the famous bishop Absalon. A very interesting construction, a so called "octagon".

Bass player

Back in Rönne, Bornholm, Denmark 2008

Saturday October 18:th we played for the first time at Raschs Pakhus in the capital city of Bornholm. W hat a fantastic place! Great staff and a superb audience. The pic to the right shows a statue of a trombone player outside the venue.

Trombone statue

Bluesfestival in Eslöv 1/11-08

We invited German harp player Marc Breitfelder to play with us. Halleluja what a gig...

On stage with Marc

Christmas Blues in Eslöv 25/12-08

Christmas blues no 5 was succesful with a sold out house and a very nice and enthusiastic crowd. Extra plus was guest apperances with our singing friend Rosa and the excellent harmonica player Mattias. And best of all was Ralph´s tie which has a built in light and play Christmas songs...

Tie for Christmas use

Spring blues at Gya 2009

A lot of sun, spring flowers, barbeque and a lot of people made the Spring blues session to a succesful evening. Super!

On stage

Saturday 2/5-2009

We played in Malmoe (Sweden) with the fantastic harp player Marc Breitfelder. What a thrill! The pic at the right tells us that everybody was feeling great...

Show time!

The Blues tent, Malmoe 20/8-2009

Since our guitar player Lasse had to stay in bed because of a bad back, we asked our old friend Jan Gerfast to help us out at this very nice gig together with Marc Breitfelder (harmonica). Jan came and did a great job! The tent was really crowded with an enthusistic audience.

Jan Gerfast

Eslöv Church 12/9-2009

Ralph recieved Eslöv Cultural Award and to celebrate the occation we invited a chiore and played gospel music. A gig to be remebered for a long time!

In the church

The 10:th Blues Festival in Eslöv 24/10-2009

We played together with Marc Breitfelder who impressed both us in the band and the audience. What a pleasure to play with such a skilled musician. The band was on top, a great concert!

With Marc on stage

Eslöv New Music Association 10/4-2010

The music association invited us to play at their meeting. We didn´t know that they also invited the Swedish legend Christer "Krutte" Hedberg to join us with his harmonica! Really fun!

Christer "Krutte" Hedberg

Blue Heart, Halmstad August 14-2010

Our guitar player Lasse had to cancel the gig and we found a sub in Magnus "Mange" Lindeberg who did a fantastic job! Together with Marc on harmonicas we had one of the best nights in a long time!

Blueheart Blues

The Market Place, Eslöv August 3-2011

The city celebrated 100 years and we played together with Dan Hylander, a Swedish legend.

At the market place

The Malmö festival August 23-2011

back in the Blues Tent in Malmö again. We´ve been there many times by now, always well treated by the staff and the audience. Super!

In the Blues tent

Bluesfestival in Eslöv October 29-2011

We invited one of the best saxophone players in Sweden, Ove Ingemarsson. A very exciting concert! Thank you Ove!

Ove Ingemarsson

More from the same festival


Singer Susanne Edlund made a couple of songs with us. Succes! Something´s telling us that we gonna do more gigs with her...

Susanne Edlund

Christmas blues 2011

Crowded house, Susanne on stage with us-a super duper gig!


Jazzparty festival 2012

We had the pleasure to play with the great Kellie Rucker. Wow, talk about output!

Kellie Rucker

More Jazzparty festival 2012

On the same gig we also invited the skilled trombone player Fredrik John and our new musical star-singer Susanne Edlund. What a combination!


Susanne and Fredrik

Eslöv February 6-2012

Kellie came from Italy to stay one night in Eslöv and we did a great gig with her before she went on her way to LA, US. Thank you Kellie, it was super!. The pic shows Kellie and Ralph.


Kellie and Ralph

Private party February 11-2012

Kenneth invited a bunch of friends and kins to his birtday party and we were invited to play. Since we know that he adores singer Susanne Edlund we convinced her to join us! Kenneth was in heaven all the evening! Succes! To the right Susanne and Ralph gathered in the ktichen!

Susanne and Ralph

Spring blues at Gya, Stehag April 14-2012

A really great evening with a lot of friends on stage. But we had to rehearse a bit with Susanne first.


Jazz & blues festival in Smyge July 28-2012

Here we are at the absolutely most southern point in Sweden. The festival is beatifully situated at the sea side. Of course we met some old musician friends: to the left bass player Benny Grindea nd to the right drummer Håkan Nyberg. Nice!


Concert on the pool side

We were invited to play at a out door pool area together with two other acts. The wheather was like any Scandinavian summer evening-a few raindrops and quite cold but alright...

In Marieholm

Eslöv Church October 22-2012

We were invited to a service to perform together with the Eslöv Vocal Ensemblé. What a thrill to be surrounded by the sound of some 30 singers performing! Halleluja!

In the church

Blues festival in Eslöv October 26-2012

We celebrated 25 years on stage at Blues Festival i Eslöv together with Pierre Swärd (organ), Ed Epstein (saxophones), Ulf Johansson Werre (trombone/piano), Susanne Edlund (vocals), Magnus Lindeberg (guitar) and Bill Öhrström (vocals/harmonica). Though original guitarist Lasse Persson didn´t perform due to illness it was just super!

On stage

Christmas blues in Eslöv Dec 25-2012

We had a fantastic evening at the 9:th Christmas blues in Eslöv Civic Hall. The audience and the band really had a great time! Singer Susanne Edlund did some marvelous interpretations of classic Etta James songs making the audience go wild! Love it!

Happy on stage

The Jazz party, Lund, January 19-2013

Once again, for the third year we were invited to play at Mr Louis Mitchells "Jazz Party" in Lund, Sweden. We met a fantastic solo artist, Mr Paul Banks who did an astonishing performance on "our" stage. After his gig we went on stage, very inspired, and had a super evening! Thank you, Lund!


Recording of new songs March 2013

During a weekend mid March we recorded a bunch of songs. For the first time (at last!) we have Susanne on record! When writing this we are mixing/producing the material. Let´s see if it will be a promo or a new record...Max is carefully supervising the mixing console.


Spring Blues at Gya April 20-2013

This time was Spring Blues no 11 for us! Amazing how time flies...It was a fantastic evening with a enthusiastic crowded house. Super! We took the chance and introduced a couple of new songs live.


In studio September 27-2013

We worked together witth technician Erik Wiss in Peakroom studio during a couple of days and mixed/mastered our new album. It went really great and we´re looking forward to the release at Blues festival n Eslöv October 25!

Erik Wiss

Release party October 25-2013

Yepp! At last the record was ready to be released. In front of an enthusiastic audience we presented songs from the new album but unfortunately Susanne couldn´t attend. How to solve that? Well, we cut out a couple of songs with only her voice, then we played along. It did work out just fine! Talking about being creative...

Record release

Christmas blues December 25-2013. Year 10!

Anothe magical evening with a lot of happy people in the audience and a band on top! Thank you for the photos that you (audience) took and sent us!

On stage

Emmaboda March 8-2014

Happy faces in the bus! We played at Emmaboda bluescafé which was great fun. A relly nice audience was gathered for a evening with us. Makes us humble! A warm Thank You to "Higgins" and his associates hans and Jimmie running the place.

Happy faces

Spring blues at Gya April 26-2014

Susanne was really surprised when suddenly Chicago bluesman John Primer went up on stage and performed a short version of Stormy Monday Blues with her. His comment: -you got soul baby...

Gya Spring blues

Malmö festival August 17-2014

While the heavy rain puored down we had a great time in the Blues tent (as usual when you play there!). Thanks to all staff-you are doing a great job!

Pic: Dennis Losell

Video taping September 29-2014

Better ever than never! It took 27 years to make our first professional video but now it´s reality! Max is being taped by camera man Bertil Malmström from ADD Film.


Juke Joint Blues, Ystad September 27-2014

In "Wallanders" Ystad the local heroes in Vantamölla Blues Band promotes a very nice gig. Unfortunately Ralph´s voice went out of order but lucky for us and the audience Susanne was alright as usual!

Juke Joint Blues

Video editing October 4-2014

With a lot of help from Karsten at ADD Film, Lund we edited the video on a sunny Saturday. Really amazing how much you can do with smart programs...


Bluesfestival, Eslöv October 25-2104

With guests/friends like piano player Lars Jansson and Pierre Swärd on Hammond C3 it´s just great to be on stage!

On stage

Christmas blues, Civic Hall, Eslöv December 25 -2014

As always a super evening! At this occation we invited the singer, guitar player and songwriter Henrik Ekstrand to join us. Before entering the stage we had to rehearse around the table...


Spring blues at Gya April 25-2015

As always the Springblues was super! The audience is between 3-99 and that´s really nice. Look at the little girl dancing in front of the stage!


Blues in the village August 3-5-2015

We went out on a very local tour and played three nights in three small country side villages around Eslöv. What a superb "tour" it was! Just look at the audience the last evening in the village Stockamöllan at the Culture Factory. Great!

The audience

Rock´n Rollklubben, Lund 10/10-15

A nice evening at a nice place. Great food and and also a great audience.

På scen i Lund

Bluesfestival in Eslöv 24/10-15

We did our first gig as "Susanne & the big bang group". Feels great to have Susanne up front!


Sweish National Day 6/6-2016

A beautiful day with blue sky and a warm sun made this day to be remebered a long time! On top we were the first band to play on the brand new stage!

På scen

Gospel summer 2016

Three concert August 1-3 in three churches together with the gospel choir Ultreia directed by Jonas Svensson. Such a great experience we had together with this superb gang. This we really would like to do again!


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